Jan 8, 2021 • 2HR 22M

Scraping for Whitepills: 2020 in Review with Tyler Hudson-Crimi

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My buddy Tyler (@tylerehc on Twitter) and I had initially planned to do a full-spectrum year-in-review episode, covering the bad, the worse, and the ugly in full detail, one big cathartic kvetch.

But then things popped off in DC and we started to get all metacontrarian. Tyler suggested that instead of spending two hours wallowing in misery we change direction and talk only about the good stuff and the silver linings. Scraping for whitepills, in other words.

It might come off as a bit awkward and stilted at first, and honestly I had to really had to force myself to come up with things that had any positive implications at all. But after sticking with the premise for about a half hour we both got into a groove. It ended up being a great discussion, and we both felt really good afterwords, like a burden had been lifted. Turns out that focusing on the positive actually can make you a bit happier.

There are still good things happening in the world. Hope you like it!