Apr 1, 2021 • 3HR 22M

Keep the podcast below the noise floor, feat. John Dulin

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John Dulin (@JohnDDulin on Twitter) and I both come from a cohort of people born in the late 1980s and early 1990s whose understanding of armed conflict was shaped by watching the Cold War military crash into the nonlinearities and complexities of 21st century battlefields. I am merely an amateur student of this complexity, while John has made it his job to grok exactly how these battlefields work.

John understands applied violence at a level of sophistication far above even most people in the American military because he builds the tools for it via his company, Modern Intelligence. They’re working on modular and composable AI systems designed to rapidly assess increasingly noisy and strange battlefields. What they’re building will eventually enable previously impossible sensor integration and problem solving for brains of all kinds, hardware or wetware.

We cover a ton of ground over more than three hours, from Jimmy Torre’s Clausewitz-tier ideas about the “noise floor” to modes of conflict other than full scale war. We talk about specific weapons systems and their implications as well, and in great detail. There are a few cuts here and there where we had some light technical difficulties, but even with that in play I’d say that this is by far the best discussion I’ve taped for this feed yet. Enjoy!